Quick Smartphone note (Samsung Galaxy s4)

Remember I mentioned a little while ago I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 recently? It’s been working well enough for me, but I just had my first problem with it today.

I kept it plugged in last night while I was sleeping, but when I woke up and went to work I didn’t bother to check if it would turn on. When I was done at my job, though, I took it out to give someone a call, and noted it wouldn’t turn on!  The LED at the top left was glowing green, but the phone itself wouldn’t turn on, regardless of whether I pressed the power button once (to turn on the screen) or held it (to turn the phone itself on or off).

When I took it home, assuming it was out of power, I noticed it wouldn’t charge, and when I plugged it in via USB to my computer, my compy wouldn’t even recognize it was there! I knew something was wrong with it, so I took it to the Verizon people at a nearby mall.

They ended up fixing the problem by just removing the battery and putting it back in.


Well, wasn’t that a simple fix. I probably should have thought of that…don’t I feel dumb for driving all the way to the mall, now! Still, in case anyone else has a Galaxy S4 and also encountered this problem, I hope this silly little story saves you some trouble. Try taking out and replacing your phone’s battery if your phone stops working and you might fix it.

That said, this is the first time in about half a month this has happened to me…I hope I don’t have to take out and replace my smartphone’s battery on a constant basis. That would be quite a mark against Samsung’s machine, in that case. ):T

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